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This website is about Practicing.

First and foremost, what makes this website different than many of the other online drum lesson platforms, is that our learning is based in playing. This is not to speak ill of other online teachers, there's a TON of fantastic information out there. 

That said, we've also concerns from students that it takes so much time to get through many of these lessons, to find content that they can actually play.

Because this website is so different, we want to give you some steps so you can use this website to its maximum potential. We're very excited to help you along your drumming journey, and if you have any feedback, please let us know!

Lane Parsons Online Drum Lessons

Step 1 | Join

Join here to unlock and access all the content available. You can use the website without logging in, but it is limited in what drum lessons and practice sessions you can access.

Step 2 | Find a Course

All of our courses in Practice Drumming are rudiment based. There are a lot of courses! Don't get overwhelmed, most of these courses offer essentially the same format:

  • Snare drum exercises, so you can learn the given rudiment.
  • Drum Beats
  • Drum Fills

Pick a course from the menu up top, and skim through it to get an idea of what the lesson entails.

Once you've done that, add the course to your Practice List and get playing!

Rudiment Courses

Drum Rudiment Menu

Add to your Practice List

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Step 3 | Watch the Explanation

Explanations are quick and meant to give you a basic idea on the drum drum exercise, beat or fill ahead. Remember Practice Drumming's foundation is learning through playing! Once you've watch an explanation video, move onto the play alongs.

Rudiment Lesson Explanation

Step 4 | Practice with the Play-Alongs

Last, but most importantly, get playing! Here are the steps we'd advise you take with the play-along videos:

  • Start with the slowest speed available.
  • Watch the snare drum exercise, beat or fill several times, without playing.
  • After you've gotten an idea of the exercise, start to play along.
  • When you've got it down, repeat the video several times for repetitions.
  • After 2-3 repetitions, move onto the next speed.

As a general rule: do note skip the slower speeds, even if you're able to play after. Playing at slower speeds doesn't mean you're playing 'easier' material, or less of a drummer, in fact, slower speeds require more control and precision in their timing.

Seriously, play all the speeds available, and use this as an opportunity to get repetitions and playing time under your belt. The more reps you do, the more results you'll see!

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